Friday, August 24, 2012


This was just a strange week overall... I have experienced the gamut of emotions from ecstatic, to angry, to sad. Nothing really monumental happened.. just little things here and there. Work is frustrating, the ambiguity of my duration here is exhausting me and whereas I was once really optimistic about getting to stay here.. that optimism is currently on life support. It's defeating. It also feels like an eternity since I took the bar exam and that I still have an eternity to wait for results. I'm feeling a bit funk-y if you will. Not the good kind, either.
So what does one do after a defeating day at work? Shop. I decided for the first time in my, well, life.. since I'm NOT going back to school this fall, I'd treat myself to some "back to school" shopping. Logical, right? K-12 "back to school" shopping for me consisted of new supplies, new knee highs, and MAYBE a new pair of black or brown leather shoes. Hi, Catholic School girl born and bred.
I never really "splurged" in college either, since I was broke as a joke. But recently I've decided I'm tired of feeling frumpy in my clothes and want to make more of a concerted effort to dress cuter more often. I need to buy clothes more sporadically instead of buying 5 things, wearing them to death, so then they look as tired and frumpy as the rest of my clothes. I also have decided to stop talking myself out of trendier pieces of clothing because "Oh, I can't pull it off. That's just not me. I better play it safe." SO in that spirit- I bought a blousy top that I may have previously passed over. See?!
Gratuitous work bathroom mirror shot.
Top: Love Culture (bought on Wednesday!)
Pants: Hollister (no shame, people)
Shoes:Guess, from DSW (early summer)
I have to remind myself that it can look cute, and I FEEL cuter when I buy "trendier" pieces. Also? Shopping after work when you feel grimey is not a good idea. I had to remind myself, "once you've bathed, and done your hair, this shirt will look cute." and ta-da! It did.
In addition, unecessary disheartening comments from others gave me a case of the sadz yesterday. SO I spur-of-the-moment (which really isn't that like me) invited my bridesmaid Molly over last night.. we whined, we dined, it was lovely, and what I needed.
M has been in chicago since yesterday pitching a presentation for work. He fancy. He'll be back early this evening. As a belated graduation gift, he planned a weekend of surprises. We were originally going to go out of town (think, wine country) and then were going to just get a hotel up north, and life got in the way and it turned into a staycation of sorts, which I'm totally okay with! Needless to say, apparently I have a full weekend but I have no idea what we're doing. Looking forward to spending some quality time with M, and I will report back to you kittens to let you know what we did!
Have a good weekend :)


  1. CUTE outfit, you look like a doll! I love it.

    also i told my hubby last night that i need to do some "back to school" shopping for avrie (she's 14 months) ;)

  2. Love the outfit! I used to feel the same way - "I can't pull this off" - but sometimes taking the plunge is just what you need to realize you CAN. And have fun with it :) Frumpiness sucks.

  3. Love that top! Want it! I'm the same way with clothes. "oh look, a grey v neck shirt....this will look good for 5 years. I should get it" :)

  4. I LOVE that shirt! So cute!! :)

  5. Your shirt is ADORABLE!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got out of your funk!!