Monday, June 8, 2015


This weekend was the perfect summer weekend. 
It kicked off Friday with dinner at Lo and Jesse's house with Jess and Syndal and their men. It'd be a fair statement to say the ladies all overindulged in some adult beverages. O_O. Managed to do so though without waking up too hungover on Saturday, so, elderly win!

Saturday morning was for leftover #NationalDonutDay spoils and coffee. 
M went kayaking with Syndal and Jess's husbands for a bit, and then we bummed around the house and watched The Lincoln Lawyer. We went to download it and iTunes told us "you've already downloaded this movie, would you like to proceed?" For the next 10 minutes we debated whether we'd actually seen the movie, neither of us having any memory of it even after watching the trailer. We figured even if we HAD seen it, since neither of us remembered anything about it, we were safe. 

Well, as it went on, we both had some "ahhhh yep. We've seen this." moments but neither of us recalled enough specifics that it ruined our re-watch. Does this make us old? Not being able to remember if we've seen a movie? 

{he sat there on his own and I couldn't NOT...}
Sunday morning M and I checked off one of my "Summer To-Do's." I got sick of finding ourselves midway through beautiful days going back and forth asking "what do you want to do?" SO I made a little list of fun day-date ideas. One of those was to grab some NiceRide bikes, bike around some of the city lakes, and get brunch. 

I plotted our route, and we parked at a business center where a NiceRide station was located. 
We took off south towards Lake Calhoun only to realize pretty quickly the bike lane was one way, leading us the long way around the lake and away from our ultimate destination. It wasn't a huge deal, (beautiful day for a bike ride!) but factor the heat in with the fact that those public bikes are fairly heavy, and I was sufficiently sweaty, exhausted, and dehydrated by the time we got to brunch at Tilia. After slamming three waters I rejoined the living. 

I fall firmly in the savory breakfast camp, but after the bike ride I was feeling a bit woozy and was worried a big egg breakfast wouldn't help. Thus, I opted for a sweeter (and what I was sure to be "lighter") creme brulee yogurt bowl. zomg, guys, that thing was life changing. Tart and sweet yogurt, carmelized on top, with warm strawberries, insanely chewy apple granola and mint piled on top. I think I shall require mint in all areas of my life from now on- added such a nice fresh component. 

After our ride, we finally pulled the trigger on a new laptop, a Toshiba Chromebook. It's entirely web-based (meaning it runs on the Google suite and has no real hard drive- I think that's the proper term...), but with Google Docs and Google Sheets and the internet, it's got everything we needed. We'd been using M's Macbook Pro that was about 7 years old (he had it when we met) and it finally slowed down to the point of being unusable. 

Hope you all had a good weekend, especially if you're in MN! The last few have been so rainy and miserable that this one was such a treat :) 


  1. What a nice weekend! Tilia is everything! Their spinach salad is so good. Love the picture of your cat!

  2. First...what a fun day date! Beautiful day for it too. Second, do share about this Toshiba Chromebook? So does that mean your files are accessible anywhere that you are able to access google docs. Are you able to work on these docs even if you don't have internet access (I think of riding in the car or airplane)? Also...what about pics. All stored there too? Sorry so many questions...I know nothing!!!

  3. What a super fun weekend! The weather was perfect!