Friday, August 10, 2012

That time I went to buy ribbon and bought wedding invitations instead

Well, for the first REAL time since getting engaged and having adequate time to look into the "details" I wandered into a Michael's yesterday in search of ribbon and glue to line my burlap table runners (post coming soon!)

I was scouting the fake flowers for my centerpieces (submerged flowers w/floating candles) and rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. On the "clearance" rack were DIY invite kits.

Let's back up, I feel like I knew at some point, long ago, that Michael's had these. I did a mental "OH! that's neat. I'll have to remember that." That thought was most likely later replaced by 30 income tax flashcards. So imagine my surprise when I walk in and see selections of the DIY invite kits were on sale, from $40 to $10.

I posted originally that I was interested in something like this:
Pinned Image

We're not really doing set "colors".. but I've been drawn to tans, creams, black. Think cream ribbon lined burlap, sunken white flowers, black lanterns with candles,.... it's more of a "feeling" I want to achieve without restricting myself to "green and yellow" or something of that nature. Ya dig? I think it'll look nice with the limestone accent wall, uplighting, and ceiling drapings at Como.

Anyway, I've had to take a "reality check" here and there with this wedding. Here are some truths:
1. NOBODY will care about the invites 1/2 as much as I do. As long as they're not printed on an 8x11 and folded into thirds (which is what my dad thought I meant when I said DIY) people will look and think "aw, nice." and put it on the fridge.
2. As much "fun" as custom making/crafting/and lovingly assembling invites myself would be, the cost would add up faster than I expected. I can almost guarantee that. Even if we're talking about buying nicer paper, a fun stamp, and envelopes ... we're already at $30. Easy.

That being said, there was no way on earth I could pass up invites for $30, that look like they were professionally done. And in some respects, they are! Professionally designed at least, by BRIDES magazine.

Here they are!

M's reaction when he saw them? "THEY SAY SARAH AND PETER!?"...bless him. This was the insert in the box to give you an idea of what it'll look like. The rest are blank, and you print your own info on them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally compromising on my "ideal" invitations. Long before I saw that lace wrapped beaut up top, I have always been drawn to somewhat contemporary invites. I also have always loved the "swirl" design. I have no idea why, I'm just drawn to it.

The part with the text actually pulls out, the little flap-looking thing on the left is a folded over envelope, with a cut out of the same design that's on the actual invite. Kind of a 'peekabo' window, if you will. There were matching RSVP cards, large envelopes, and small envelopes all inside as well. They happened to have 3 sets of these kind of invites (4o in each box) on sale for $10 a piece. No passing that up. They come with a website and instructions for a template on how to print them off on a home computer!  

M just laughed at me last night and said.. "We have 14 months dear. Yet, we're going to be done planning in about 2 months."......

Your point? :P

I'm looking forward to playing with fonts and wording to really make it our own. I think a good font can change the entire look!

That's it for this edition of the over-prepared bride. Stay tuned for a table runner tutorial :)



  1. The picture didn't load! I want to see them! HAHA Help! :)

  2. YAY! They're up! :) And cute! I think they tie into the naturey vibe of Como really well!

  3. Ummm. Yeah. At that price I would have bought a whole TON of them!! Great job :-D PLEASE tell me you've seen the Sh*t Brides Say video??

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