Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Randoms

As promised, here are some of the updated shots of our progress from last weekend! As you can see we got a cord-keeper to hide 90% of the snarl of cords, and for now that's as good as it's going to get! A close up of my Michaels crafted flower decoration. Who knew giant plastic flowers were so expensive! That's a glass vase I painted black. Only because I had to.. I was so excited when I got home from Michaels that I brought the whole vase/flower ensemble outside to show M, who was painting the entryway table. The wind then knocked it over and smashed the lip. womp. SO I put duct tape on the top so it wasn't sharp and painted it all. I actually like it darker better.

Here's the full shot of the finished tv, shelves, and flower arrangement
A finished shot of our little entryway vignette. The finished table, my topiary tree, and 2 small canvases I made. The one on the left says "Home is where the heart is" in stickers. The one on the right, that never photographs well, is a white heart made of glue, and then the whole canvas was spray painted white to give it a "raised" effect. Mirror was a grandma hand-me-down. In the reflection are more mirrors that are on the other wall... which I'll have to photograph when we get a new couch.
TJ lounging, per usual, while we worked on the house.
annnddd lastly, the most adorable puppy on the planet- Nina. She's a white golden retriever, M's friends' puppy. To die for cute. Saturday we went to M's friends and grilled, played yard games, and drank from 1:30-10 or so. Couldn't think of a better way to spend an 80 degree mid-March day. unbelievable weather we've been having lately!
Today (Sunday) M and I got new cabinet hardware. We replaced the old hardware of the existing cabinets and added it to the new cabinets. Granite shopping was a bust today, so hopefully we can do that next weekend... so I can finally take pictures of the finished product. Of course after that there will be backsplash to come, yet... but it'll be more finished than it is now at least.



  1. Your entry way looks so cute! I love it all :)

  2. Hi, found my way to your blog. You have a lovely house and adorable animals. <3