Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Finally ready to start these recaps!

I jotted down a list of all the posts and I think I was at 10 or 11 (O_O) so this may go on for a little while. If this doesn't interest you, well, then you don't interest me. ......Juuuuust kidding but I want to make sure to get down all the details.

Saturday morning began for me at 6 a.m. when I couldn't sleep and had to pee. I woke up to feed the kitty, scared he'd wake up Dana or Tori who had spent the night, and then did what I'm sure most brides do on their wedding day: curled up on the couch and watched Criminal Minds at 6:30 in the morning. I tried to nod off for a little bit longer but it just wasn't happening. Thankfully Dana is crazy and wakes up at 6:30 by choice and was downstairs doing some workouts so I had company soon thereafter.

Before I knew it, it was time to start gathering some belongings to head to the salon to get ready!
We had a 9:00 appointment but I needed caffeine to make sure I lasted all day (I should've known this wouldn't be a problem with the adrenaline). Of course that morning was the slowest I've ever seen Caribou function, and I was getting antsy and wanted to get going to the salon.

I finally had my PSM (pumpkin spice mocha, duh) and we were en route to Phresh Salon and Spa just a little ways away. We walked in and I was put in the chair immediately for hair. I knew I had to eat something, and I always heard people tell me to "make sure I eat" and I thought, "HA, I never have a problem eating." Well let me tell you- something happens that made me feel full at all times and not want to eat a thing.

The girls rotated in and out of the chairs, we chatted, ate (some of us) and had mimosas and it was such a great morning.
(as an aside: I didn't have our photographer come to the salon to take professional photos. Due to the timeline of our day, I had to add an extra hour as it stood on the back end so we didn't have to rush our first dances, so adding 2 extra hours just wasn't something I wanted to do. I brought my DSLR and took photos of my own at the salon):

Confession about my hair and makeup: I HATED it at the trial. I consider myself pretty low key (I tried on about 8 wedding dresses and got the 2nd one I tried on) so I was surprised a bit by how particular I felt about my hair and makeup. I wanted my bangs swooped more to cover up more of my forehead, I wanted more curls in tact vs. brushed out, I wanted slightly more volume in the back. I also wanted liquid eyeliner and despite showing a photo with liquid I wound up with this weird pencil stuff. I knew the things I wanted to change, but I was just nervous about execution. Saturday was IT, and if it didn't go well,  that was IT. I spoke up about what I want changed, and I'm happy to say, I LOVED the final result. I was a bit anxious as I was getting it done until I saw it start to come together absolutely perfectly and I couldn't have been happier with the final result.

We stopped back at home, grabbed my dress, veil, and some other things we'd left there, and did what any good cat lady does on her wedding day... take a photo with her kitty:

Note: I got a sweaty and blurry version of this same photo at the end of the night, too:

[TJ looks less than enthused, but he loved it.]

After grabbing the last of our stuff we headed off for the church to get dressed!

Up next: getting ready (the church).


  1. I didn't want to pay for my photographer at the salon either, so my sisters just snapped pics. looking back it would totally have been a waste of time and money, cause how many pictures of me getting makeup and my hair done do i need?

    Glad everything worked out for you, love the hair.

  2. I love that you watched Criminal Minds! LOL. And of course you needed a kitty pic. And I think it was smart to take your own pictures at the salon. If you have a nice camera, why the heck not? Save yourself a couple hundred bucks! And I'm totally ok with 10-11 recaps, so we're good ;].

  3. You look gorgeous!! Glad you spoke up about the hair and make-up!! And I'm getting more and more surprised you didn't have TJ walk the rings down the aisle at the church!! I mean really, what kind of a cat lady ARE you if you don't have them in your wedding?? haha Kidding!

  4. TJ looks pissed that you were gone all day! Getting married? big deal, says TJ.

    Also- I could NOT eat on my day either. It was like...you just couldn't!

  5. you look stunning!!! Loved your hair and makeup!!! Not overdone at all...I hate when I see pictures of brides and they are wwwaaayyy overdone and it just isn't 'them'. You also took great photos @ the salon...looks like that class paid off :)

  6. I love that you choose to wear your hair down. You have amazing hair, and it looked amazing with your dress.

    Loving the photos with TJ.

    Congrats again!

  7. Ditto on not having the photographer at the salon. My stylist wasn't thrilled with it (I've known her since birth...) but dude, too expensive. And way worth skipping it, in my opinion! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  8. You looked nothing short of stunning!!!