Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surprise Florida Trip: The "what"

[I'll be honest in saying I don't usually see a point in drawing out vacation posts, but, I have nothing else to blog about this week and after seeing how long this is getting after just sharing photos (hi, DSLR obsessed apparently...) of Friday and Saturday, I'm going to leave Sunday and Monday until tomorrow. Soooorryyy. Mah blog, Mah rules.]

Now that you know HOW I pulled it off, here's what we did!
Just for posterity, and honesty, it was 80 the day before we got to FL and 80 the day after we left. While we were there?
Friday was rainy
Saturday was windy
Sunday was chilly (for FL, that is. Still, 60 is better than a -20 in MN!)
Monday was juuuuustttt right (Goldilocks knew what she was talkin' about). It was 75, sunny, and a light breeze. This was actually the only day we hit the beach. The rest of the days were spent eating (a LOT), walking around, and just overall relaxing. If I'm being transparent, the weather coincidence before/after our trip made me a twee bit stabby, but, nothing I can do about it.

First of all: southern girls. How in the F do you carry on in the humidity without lookin' like a poodle every day of the week? seriously.
Below you can see the fuzz halo starting to form (and this was day 2 hair, just after waking up): 

I quickly abandoned any attempt at styling my hair, and just rocked the natural curls the other days. Which means my frizz-poof turned into this before dinner on Friday night:

It was less hipster than it was practical. Still, you can see a faint fuzz halo. Sigh.
M and I trucked up 5th street to McCabe's in a light rain for lunch.
You can also see my hair beginning to betray me.
(I realize how desperately vain I sound but it's hard (in the loosest sense of the word) to go on vacation to warm climates, want to take lots of photos, and then not feel pretty because you look like a poodle. Wahhh. Whine over.) 

We were pretty low key the rest of the day Friday, what with the rain.
We snuck in a nap, like any good senior citizen on vacation, and then ventured out for pizza with my aunt and uncle.

Saturday we hit 5th Street for "Cars on 5th": a bunch of ridiculously expensive and beautiful cars (Some of which that can be seen driving around Naples at any given moment. The MONEY, people. Oohhh the money in Naples, FL.)

So shiny, and pretty, and expensive.
Speaking of expensive, M and I went to grab a drink and an appetizer by the pier Saturday afternoon.
Apparently in Naples, when you order rather pricey egg rolls, that means 2 long skinny egg rolls. Annndd that's it.
This happened both times we ordered egg rolls and at 2 separate restaurants nonetheless. 

(M loves himself some Sangria. Yum)
We walked down to the pier afterwards, made it halfway, and the wind blew us back to land.

We headed to a Thai/Japanese place for dinner that night, and binged on curry.

(my aunt and uncle..and M)

Up tomorrow: Sunday and Monday.


  1. the humidity down here is a curse. [i live in georgia.] i also have very fine, thin hair. so that's a double curse. my best hair days are in the winter [all 3 days of it - hah].

  2. I live in Texas and my hair is the size of the state. Big and curly. It's a constant struggle battling the humidity. At 23, I have somewhat mastered it but there are days (like today) when it's rainy AND humid and I just give up and allow the fro to come out to play.

    Looks like you made the best of a rainy situations! Eating food is always a really nice way to relax and indulge while on vacation.

  3. Maryland in the summer is a humidity disaster, just going to and from work is enough to make your hair frizz into an afro. Love those car pictures - so shiny!

  4. I am so envious of your trip! Those cars are awesome! Did M love it?

  5. Looks like such a fun trip! And naps are some of my favorite parts of vacations! :)

  6. i love days and days of vacation recaps! ;)

    that is also a great pic of M on the windy dock, you are a great photog!

  7. Girl - humidity is just not nice to the hair! I always have the... well, i call them the fuzzies. I like "fuzz halo" though! ;)

  8. Awww, looks like so much fun! My grandma lives in Naples. I love it SO much!!! But I'm with you...there's no fix for Florida Hair.