Thursday, February 28, 2013

A cat and his toy: a short story.

I don't have much for you today, but just wanted to share a short photo-story titled,

"a cat, and his toy"


I thought of publishing this draft (that is clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of content. woops) after we got rid of our living room couch last night.

Oh yea, we bought a new couch this week. Story and photos to come after we get it this weekend (wee!) but the ugly slip covered monstrosity you see in the background is GONE. yes.

Anyway, some people came over to take it last night and lo and behold, underneath it we found ALL of TJ's toys. 3 mouse toys, 2 fuzzy balls, a wine cork (he freaking LOVES them) and oh yes.. because my cat is disgusting, a tampon applicator he fished out of the trash. Color me mortified. I wasn't home and asked M if the people saw it and he said one of them may have.

I have kind of a more thoughtful post that I had every intention of posting this week... but.. it just didn't feel "right".. sooooo better luck next week.



  1. Omigoodness. CUTE photos!!

    Congrats on the new couch :-) My parents cat has a thing for blush brushes and he stashed them underneath a large chest. We found where he was stashing them and took them back... The look on his face when he went to his spot to find them was AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS. He was like, "Whaaaa!!!? Where did they goooo???" ;-D

  2. BAHAHAHAHA! Every time I vacuum under the couch or move them for some reason, I always find a bunch of dog toys. They always freak out and think it's new toy day! :)

  3. Pictures of kittens are always solid blog content to me! He's so adorable!

  4. What is up with animals and weird things that they like. My dog ate my underwear...but just the crotch part, so DISGUSTING! Those photos of TJ are ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see the couch you purchased. We are currently saving for one and hopefully purchase it before baby comes!

  5. HA, my couches display the same goodies underneath as well, but in addition to cat toys, there are some dog toys and toddler toys as well. It's amazing anything is left out with everything that is eventually lost underneath our couches and the love seat!

    1. hahaha my dog eats the crotches out of our underwear, too - AND my tampon applicators have been found laying around the house, too. Oops!

  6. Love this! And yay for a new couch! I had slipcover couches up until recently when my sister got new couches and gave me hers. OMG. So much better! HA!

  7. The tampon applicator. That's epic. Amazing. Was M able to identify it as a tampizzle applicator? Or did you tell him what it was when you got home? I think Jesse would die right there on the spot. Death by tampon applicator.

  8. I'm very happy to know that my cat is the only cat toy hoarder out there! I cleaned under 2 couches and found over 15 toys. He must have thought it was Christmas. He spent the whole night running from toy to toy and having the time of his life.