Monday, January 5, 2015


*FTC Disclosure: I was provided a month free of classpass to try out in exchange for promotion of the program, all opinions are my own.

I wanted to check in after one week of participating in classpass with some thoughts.
My first week I attended three classes: pure barre, a gentle flow vinyasa at Kula Yoga, and spin class at The Shed in Uptown. 

I have to say- I'm generally nervous to try new things in terms of fitness. There are a lot of really rude and snobby #fitfam folks out there who aren't kind to newbies at the gym or in their classes. As a result, I have some anxiety about being that "new person". I'm a fake-it-till-you-make-it person and would rather not introduce myself to a teacher or at all let on that I'm new. 

The ladies at this pure barre (the Edina location) were SO sweet and welcoming and SO excited to hear I was from classpass- I was their "first" and they wanted to know how I liked it and how it compared to the barre fusion class I'd taken at Lifetime. 

The workout was low impact but intense in terms of muscle burn. I'd definitely go back to this studio! The only thing I would say is they all had matching pure barre brand grippy socks and I felt like I stood out with my white socks. Super lame, I know.. so if you want to fake it, at least make sure you wear blacks socks. ;-) There were only one or two times I felt the grippies would've come in handy where I felt like I was slipping, so if you don't want to buy them I think you could get away with not. 

New years day I went to the best yoga class I've ever been to at Kula in Edina. It also didn't hurt that I met up with 3 of my favorite ladies to do it. The instructor, Sydney, was SO sweet and FUNNY and literally memorized everyone's names and would shout out things like, "nice stretch, Kelly!" during class. Seriously impressive. She also cracked a few jokes, which I found SO refreshing. When you're sarcastic and not at all the "yogi-mindset" type person, it's easy to feel like people at yoga take themselves way too seriously. I also loved that she explained all the poses in normal English first for a few reps, before launching into the Sanskrit shavashana-whatsitcalled names. 

The only sad thing is Sydney teaches during the day so I doubt I'll be able to get to one of her classes again. I'm going back tomorrow with Lauren and Jess for a slightly different class with a different instructor, so we'll see how it goes! 

Hooooboy. Sunday I went to spin class with Jess and Syndal at The Shed.
If the name alone sounds intense, you're probably right about the class too. 
I loved the energy of the class, dark-ish room with lights that change colors, lots of fans, and a really high energy instructor. It was an intense and good workout... my ass is still feeling it today (less from the actual workout and more from those damn bike seats that are NEVER comfortable) but my legs felt like jello for the rest of the day. 

The one thing that I will say was slightly off-putting at The Shed was hearing of an interaction Jess had at the desk. She relayed that when she went to sign the waiver the woman made a comment like, "oh, I just love all the new 'resolution-people'!" -- she said she wasn't sure if it was couched in some slight sarcasm or not but the instructor also mentioned how full the class was and put all the newbies together. I appreciated that last part from the standpoint of feeling like I was surrounded with people I was comfortable with.. but nothing irks me more than comments about "busy gyms" or "resolution people".. just because I'm new at YOUR gym does not mean I'm a resolution person, and so fucking what if I am!? The comments always come off as pretentious and unnecessary. I understand it's moderately inconvenient to have a busy gym but you should never be an asshole to people who are trying to better themselves- regardless of when in the year they begin. 

Lastly, some thoughts on classpass as a whole: 

  • VARIETY: I am really, really, enjoying the variety of workouts. It keeps things interesting and motivates me to want to sample a bunch of different types of gyms. I realize they have some of these at Lifetime (although Pilates and "boot camp" type classes cost extra at Lifetime) but there's something about these smaller gyms that motivates me more than Lifetime classes. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: In addition, one really nice feature that I think would lessen the number of times I justify skipping the gym, is if you no-show to a class they charge you $20. I'm not sure if that would apply with my free trial since I never gave out a credit card, but when you know you're literally reserving a spot and not just popping in if/when you feel like it, there's a lot more guilt in bailing. AND if I were to buy classpass next month that threat of $20 for someone on a budget is enough to shame me into keeping my reservations and attending class! 

  • MORNING CLASSES: This is less class-pass's fault and more the types of gyms, but one of the bummers for me is that most of these gyms don't have showers. I would prefer to work out in the morning before work, but due to the varied locations of the gyms, it wouldn't be feasible for me to go to the gym, go home to shower, and go to work. That's one thing Lifetime has that makes it really easy for me to workout in the morning. 
  • THE "SALE": It remains to be seen whether this is just me and my anxiety playing a factor, or a correct perception, but a part of me feels like these smaller gyms expect classpass to be a trial run of their gym from which I will then go on to purchase memberships or individual classes. I'll admit I don't know the compensation system with respect to the participating gyms or if there even IS one. I will say for myself, if I were to use classpass after my trial- it would be so I don't HAVE to sign up at each of these gyms individually.. or pay drop in fees. I would treat it as a gym membership and not a trial run. I wonder if the idea is the 3-visits-per-gym limit would incentivize people to revisit those gyms that they really love MORE per cycle and thus, pay the drop in fees? I am maybe ashamed to admit this but I have zero loyalty to a gym.* I would happily create a schedule that would only make room for 3 visits to a gym a month. (i.e. Yoga Tuesday nights for 3 weeks, Spin on Sunday mornings for 3 weeks)-- the other reason this is feasible is there are SO many gyms on the list that I could in theory still go to spin twice a week- at two different gyms. As long as you're not scared of some variety or a new gym, you could get in the types of workouts you want all month long. All that to say, is I worry I'll go to a gym and feel guilty as a classpasser (it has yet to happen) or feel pressured into being "sold" on additional classes. It remains to be seen how this pans out and I'll definitely update with my thoughts on this as I attend more classes!
Overall this has been a really fun experiment so far. It's giving me some serious pause about quitting Lifetime (and saving $30 a month). If I can find a routine that works for me to go a few nights a week and/or weekends, I seriously may. Stay tuned. 

*I used to be the same way with haircuts, too.. I know so many women who are BFF with their hairstylist but it used to be- I wanted a cut/color so impulsively, I'd call salons until I found one to take me THAT NIGHT- yes I was crazy-- I have since found a salon home and have seen the same girl THREE TIMES since finding it- that's freakin' commitment people. 


  1. YES! I'm trying class pass in March when I have more time, as I'll only be registering for weekend classes. It'll be interesting as more people sign up for classpass if the spaces fill up, but if I was living in the cities, I would seriously consider classpass as my membership of choice because it gives me the most flexibility. I love trying new things!

  2. UGH, I can't stand people that judge "resolution people" regardless--so what if they want to improve themselves? You should be welcoming them with open arms to try to HELP their resolutions. Jerks.


  3. Great recap, Kell. Excited to try out more classes with you!