Tuesday, November 11, 2014


When I kept getting comments on the McDonald's Case post, I started to wonder if it had really struck a nerve. Then I realized it was the most recent post on my blog, ya know.. back on OCTOBER 16th.

Sooooo hey, I'm alive.
Here's a recap of our fall (since winter is here with a VENGEANCE) in reverse order, through photos. 
{camped out in front of the heat register after shoveling- which was a total bitch.} 
{tootie contemplates winter, tucked under his blanket. He loves being snuggled into a blanket}
{Hanging out with Squish- he fancied himself when I turned on the reverse camera, which made for this spectacular photo} 
{spooning my bitty- this fall involved a lot of cat cuddles. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. wahh}
{sideways dessert from our day-of-the-dead themed dinner party. Being an adult is fun :) } 
{day-of-the-dead themed birthday dinner party. Seriously so much fun.} 
{M's Halloween pumpkin...}

{and my uncle's ridiculously over the top Pumpkin Carving Party- because everything he does is over the top. M won third place!}

Sooo that's an abbreviated version of our fall in 10 seconds. Because now it's winter in MN.
I will say, there's a lot of pressure on Minnesotans to soak up spring, summer and fall and BE OUTSIDE and DO ALL THE THINGS, so I for one tend to embrace the first few months of winter as a chance to hibernate and recharge. That of course expires in, say, February right about after my birthday when I realize we have THREE MORE MONTHS of this frozen hell. 

But for now, I'm loving the flannel jammies, warming up under some blankets after work, candles burning, and a snuggly kitten who is also bracing for a long winter. 

I'm hoping to get my poop in a group in the next week or two to make a little announcement. I'm not trying to overhype it, but I've been toying around with the idea of opening up a "shop" for some time and am finally taking steps to do so. Some of the stuff will only be available locally, unfortunately, due to the nature of the items but if there's enough interest, maybe I'll delve into shipping. I just think it'll be a hassle, since it's wood- and would be heavy and cumbersome.. but never say never! 

stay tuned. :) 


  1. I can't believe you have snow already. Woof, I'm not ready!

  2. Just your angry, nasty, hypocrite (and also charming, witty, and wickedly good looking) friend checking in. Thanks for blogging again. This post didn't show up in my reader so I actually googled your blog name to find it. Dedication.