Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Our last day in Florence was spent touring the Galeria de Academia first thing in the morning (where we, ashamedly (or not? can't say I minded) spent about 30 minutes. 20 observing the David statute, the other 10 feigning interest in some other art. Like I've said before, unless I have some prior knowledge of the art, or deeper appreciation for it, I didn't care to spend too much time seeing it. You just start to get overwhelmed when EVERYTHING is so special/historical/significant. 

After that, we ventured over to the Duomo, the cathedral in Florence, to climb the cupola. We were told to do this early before the line got too long, and it got too hot. and hoooooooooboy if there's one big piece of advice logistically I'd give, it's do this early. The line was starting to get bad on our descent down, and the passageways were SO narrow and hot it got real unpleasant in there real quick. It was about 400 stairs to the interior cupola, and that's about halfway to the top, so it's not for the faint of heart or unfit. It offered some spectacular views of the city, as well!

Last, we went to the Boboli Gardens behind the Palazzo Pitti. We didn't go inside the palace itself, as we didn't have a ton of time, but spent a good 3-4 hours in the gardens. Wandering around, and even laying in a clearing with a bunch of other people and relaxing for an hour. It was a nice afternoon, and we needed something low key after the schlep to the top of the Duomo. 

And now, some photos, in reverse order. :) 
{Boboli Gardens}
{View from Boboli Gardens}
{downstairs in the Duomo- they discovered an earlier version of the cathedral during renovations/excavations of the basement and they have a neat historical display of the changes to the church over the years.}
{view from the cupola at the top of the Duomo}
{the paintings on the interior of the cupola}
{does this need a caption? the David}

One last post and I'm donezo, promise. Last up is Vernazza!


  1. Can't wait to read about Vernazza - but so fun seeing your Florence posts. Honestly, the more I think about it, Florence was my favorite place I visited. The Duomo was stunning and we had a great time in the Boboli Gardens - too bad you didn't make it inside the Pitti Palace because whoa, was that incredible. Next time ;) We also didn't spend a lot of time seeing David - waved hi, hung out, and then left. I did think the room full of the casts/molds was really neat to see though!!

  2. Those garden pics are SO magnificant!!! Looks like a complete fairy tale!