Monday, August 11, 2014


Life lately: a snuggly cat who soaks up all the "open door weather" he can get, early morning kayak trips through the channels on the Minneapolis city lakes, relaxing summer nights reading in bed (and a clean house- rare!), and of course a visit from Scruff McGruff on National Night Out- in which we crash our neighbor's block party every year because our block is boring. 

Just some little snaps from every day life. 

I'm currently plowing through some blogs looking for nuggets for Italy. Not that I've planned a ton of "big" trips in my day but it appears my preferred method of doing so is, Step 1: jot down the must-see-attractions (you know, Pike Place Market in Seattle... The Colosseum in Rome), Step 2: find some maybe lesser known but just as magical attractions (scored a tip on the "key of Malta" church in Rome from my aunt and the Boboli Gardens from a blogger living in Malta); Step 3: very specific recommendations for food and "local" type stuff (stumbled on a blog of a woman who lived in Florence and had tons of recommendations).

Other than that I have quite the depressing post in the queue about budgets and debt...sooo stay tuned for that! 

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  1. Ohhhh...I'm excited about your upcoming post regarding budgets and debt!!! I love that stuff :)