Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Heyo, I'm alive.
My work computer appears to be boycotting anything close to photo uploading so, no photos.
I had every intention to write a post last night but then Lo sent me a photo of the MLS listing for this cute little house they have their eye on, and when M sees a MLS listing it's all.. "if you give a mouse a cookie" and next thing you know we're checking out every single house on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.
M spends a lot of time doing this because at one point he sort of laughed and said to me, "want to see the most expensive house on the entire lake?"
um, yes. and he hovers right over it without hesitation to reveal a price tag of $24 MILLION.
It's the old Pillsbury house (check out the photos. O_O) and it's on a peninsula that juts into the lake.
For those of you unfamiliar with Minnesota and Lake Minnetonka- 90% of the homes that border it start at $1M. It's where a lot of the athletes, CEOs, and such reside. Some of the inlets and bays farther west have smaller price tags. M dreams of living on a lake someday and Tonka is high on the list I think. Rightfully so, it's an awesome lake. That being said, when we saw that the yearly taxes on the Pillsbury house were $235,000 a year, we realized it probably won't be THAT house. Oof.
But, if you're in the market, M and I would be more than happy to come squat in your guest house.

That was a tangent.
I was in Montana last week for work. Havre, Montana to be exact. It was warmer than MN so that was a bonus, but it was a long exhausting week.
The weekend before that M was ice fishing so I watched a LOT of Grey's Anatomy and had dim sum (GENIUS meal idea: Asian food on carts. nom.).
This most recent weekend M and I had a date day and went to the Rabbit Hole for lunch-- check one off my list! and it was DELICIOUS- the Bulgogi beef bowl- there's magic in that beef. Then we went and saw American Hustle. I'll be honest.. I wasn't that blown away. The acting was great and I get why it was nominated so much, but the storyline itself was kind of underwhelming and tied together poorly, I thought. Had me wishing we would've seen Lone Survivor instead. Maybe we'll hit up a matinee this weekend. I was blown away by the price difference! Matinee's may be my new jam.

So, that's that. I'm alive. Oogling houses I have no business oogling and eating a lot- nothing new there.

Hope y'all have been well. :)


  1. Hehe, there is a plot of land on our lake in Northern MN that people are trying to get ridiculous money for (and it doesn't even have a cool name like "pillsbury house"). Glad you're doing well!

  2. Adam and I had our first 'real' kiss on the beach of Lake truly is a magical place. Please let us come visit when you buy your house there!! hehe

  3. Ha! Quit lying. The Pilsbury House is the one I sent you. The one Jesse and I are buying. ;) And of course you can come squat. You, M, TJ....the whole gang.

  4. Lone Survivor was so intense. It's kind of hard to put into words. Normally when we're walking out of the theater everyone is loud and discussing their thoughts but this was the first time that everyone just walked out silently. It's a great movie but ... intense. Best way to describe it.

    So nice to see they dropped the price from $53M to $24M! Good lord, now that's a stack of bricks.

  5. that house is amazeballs!!

    and we always go to matinees, usually the morning ones - can't beat tickets $5/ea plus you can go to brunch after :)

  6. omygosh that house is gorgeous, I so wish it could be mine but really I'll settle for something a little smaller :)

  7. I saw a weekend movie for the first time in AGES a couple weeks ago and I was SHOCKED how much more it was than a matinee! I love me a weekday movie, and since I work such a weird schedule it totally works for me. Heyyy cheap movies.

  8. I loved Lone Survivor and I thought American Hustle was just ok. I read Lone Survivor too, and the book is so much better- even though the movie was great! I did a movie review on my blog a couple weeks ago if you're interested!