Sunday, January 5, 2014


I was emailing myself some photos to compile this post and I realized in this one weekend, I was every blogger ever.

I gave the "fashion blogger" a pathetic attempt, I was the foodie blogger, I was the DIY blogger. In other words I was uncharacteristically productive.

I realize I never addressed NYE here, but M and I went to a friend of ours' house, with one other couple (so, 6 of us in total) for apps, drinks, and ended the night at a local bar with a much older, and thus calmer, crowd, watching a band that's played at a few of our groups' weddings. Naturally within 5 minutes of showing up Pete was on stage singing Piano Man with the band.

Friday night was spent in preparation to help Dana move out of our basement and into her new place. She'd been staying here the last week until she could get into her new place, so we moved all her stuff from storage in the basement to the living room, so people wouldn't be trekking all over our house.

Precursor to the following story: M and I bought a new mattress on New Years Day, and it was set to be delivered Saturday morning.
SO, Saturday morning I was lounging alone with TJ- Dana was picking up the U-Haul and her new couch, and M was at crossfit. I see the Slumberland truck roll up to the house, a casual 30 minutes early. I'm in stretchy pants, smelling and looking like warmed over death, with a living room that looks like an episode of hoarders. The poor guys had to traipse through the side of our house, which was NOT shoveled, and up the back deck to get the mattress in. You would never have guessed that the mattress was heavy though since ONE guy carried it in by himself while the other set up the frame. I'm not sure I mentioned this- but M and I moved our bedroom from our 2nd floor to the first floor. It was inevitable, since I was NOT doing stairs pregnant or with a baby (NO I am not, presently) aannndddd due to the teeny tiny staircase, we could never have anything larger than a full upstairs (or in the basement). So, our only shot at a bigger, nicer mattress was the first floor guest room. They had the mattress set up in 20 minutes and it was HEAVEN to sleep on. I love EVERYTHING about the first floor. It's both amazing and pathetic that something as simple as a change of bedroom scenery could bust this mild funk I feel like I've been in lately.

After that, we helped Dana move, and then Saturday night the new mattress- room makeover bug hit, and I attacked my closet in there.

There are no "before" photos because it was just too gross. Picture a cluttered, nasty, builders-grade-cream, which is to say -- looks like vomit -- beige in the closet. It was chipped, dinged, dirty, and just gross. So, I accomplished the most thankless paint job ever Saturday night: the interior of the closet. I have to say though, it makes me 1,000 times happier. It just feels CLEAN and organized.

We picked up the white organizer from Target on sale, as well as the cloth bins, which replaced a green 3 shelf plastic organizer I'd had since college. I moved my necklace tree into the closet, which had remained upstairs since I moved in. The guest room (our new room) had always been my closet, while our actual former bedroom closet was M's. I'm hoping by having some of my older jewelry out, I'll wear it more. I also hung up my statement necklaces on some extra hooks.

I'm still working on how I want to finish the rest of the room, but I have some ideas, so I'll do a formal tour with a nice camera if that ever gets done. :) I also promised the living room, which I'll do after I get my last piece for my gallery wall in a few days here.

Sunday was lounging, and a grocery trip. I wore skinny jeans, a plaid flannel from Old Navy, and a chunky cream scarf, red lips, and my black hipster glasses. I didn't take a photo, so I guess that doesn't TOTALLY count, but I felt very bloggery. We don't have a juicer, because they're expensive, so I sort of jumped on the healthy blogger bandwagon at the grocery store and bought ingredients to try a green smoothie. I used THIS recipe.


The "health kick" slowly devolved after that, however. We made bacon, leek and goat cheese pizza on Naan bread. One of my favorite meals. (pro tip, saute the leeks in the bacon grease- ZOMG). 

I randomly got a baking bug up my bum (alliteration FTW) and decided to buy a cupcake mix to use my stand mixer for the first time. Yes, it's shameful, but I've had a Kitchenaid for 3 years and never used it once. I'm just not a baker. Even now, as I wait for these cupcakes to cool, I don't really want to eat many. Maybe I should stick to muffins or breads.
(They're spiced chai cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. NOM). 

So that's what we've been up to. :)
I have a New Years-Life List post drafted, but want to add some more things to it, so stay tuned for that.


  1. I think it is ACTUALLY a sin to own a KitchenAid for 3 years and never use it. For shame!! That was one of the first gifts we used after the wedding!

    Also, I wish you had a pic of this outfit because it sounds tres chic. And I never buy clothes anymore, and I really should.

  2. I didn't use my KitchenAid much. Still don't really, unless it's to shred chicken for buffalo chicken dip.

    Looking forward to coffee on Saturday!

  3. Hmmmm a green smoothie? You are a braver woman than I am! How was it?!

  4. Hooray for a new mattress and new room - a change of scenery does wonders sometimes, doesn't it?

  5. Well you can go ahead and send those cupcakes my way... or the whole KitchenAid mixer if you don't want it :)

  6. Oh man! What a weekend! HAHA :) Can you come paint our closets?