Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm a huge, huge fan of a good gallery wall. 
I'm also what I would consider a bit of a gallery wall snob. 
One of my favorite ways to do a gallery wall is with mixed media: canvases, monograms, framed photos, etsy prints.. some subtle variety adds interest and looks beautiful. 

M and I used our $300 "store credit" that came with our photographer package to order a canvas through our photographer. We decided to get a larger size than our credit would afford, so we had to pay an additional $50 on top of our $300 credit. It is a 16x20 and turned out incredibly beautiful. 

SO, imagine my chagrin upon seeing the reviews for easy canvas prints circulating the blogs, and I realize that with their frequently offered discounts, a 16 x 20 through them would have only cost us about $70, total

All this happened shortly before the Christmas season, so when M told me that his sister wanted a photo of the entire family from the wedding as a Christmas gift, I suggested we take it up a notch, and pulled up easy canvas prints' website. (This was before receiving an offer from them to review an 8 x 10 canvas on my blog!) We ordered her an 11 x 14, and with a Christmas sale they had running, it only cost us around $25. We decided it was such an affordable and beautiful gift, that we bought one for both his dad and his mom as well. 

(His dad's canvas, still in the plastic (hence the ripple/shine) before we wrapped it).
The canvases turned out BEAUTIFULLY (M's sister may or may not have shed tears over it- she LOVED it), but that wasn't even the best part of this story. We ordered them dangerously close to Christmas and paid for the shipping that would get them here "by Christmas," only, we didn't account for the fact that it meant on Christmas Eve potentially, and that we'd be up north already by that point. M shot off an email to customer service at easy canvas prints once we realized this in the hopes they'd be able to help us, and within a day someone had gotten back to him and re-routed the 2 canvases for his dad and sister to be delivered to his dad's house (3.5 hours away from our house) by Christmas Eve. They showed up that morning in a blizzard, and were wrapped in time for Christmas morning! I was SO impressed by the warm email and fast response. You just don't see customer service like that anymore.

After all of this, I was contacted to do a review of my own... which meant: BONUS CANVAS for our house! We are in the process of revamping our wall above the couch, so this came at a perfect time. I was already confident in the product so I hopped on and set to work designing my canvas. 

It's seriously the easiest process ever, and was all of 3 screens:

First: select a single canvas or a gallery

 Second: select your size and wrap preference. (I like that they give you the little graphic on the right to give you a sense of how big the canvas is that you're ordering! I have questionable spacial reasoning skills, so, this is perfect for me :)).

Third: upload your photo (you can pull pictures from Facebook and Instagram!), and select your display option (hanging or standing) and border option. Then you can drag the photo around so it's where you want it.

and then, ta da! Canvas is done.
Here's a peek of it in action, I plan to post the rest of the living room this week :)
{my well laid plans to print photos for those remaining blank frames clearly didn't pan out. Alas, sometime soon. :)}

I know there are some of you who tune out reviews, and if you're anything like me, it's because a teensy tiny part of you is jealous and want free shtuff... well, easy canvas prints wants to offer you the next best thing to free:

50% off code for your own canvas! 

The 8 x 10 is a perfect sized canvas- makes a statement on a wall without being too overwhelming, and at 50% off, it would only be $22! You can't buy picture frames that cheap, folks. So take advantage of this.

Pssst: Easy canvas prints also has a couple affiliate sites for other types of customization, custom T-shirts, and custom signs.

Full living room tour coming atcha later this week :) 

[FTC disclosure: Easy Canvas Prints gave me a free 8 x 10 canvas, with free shipping, to review for this post. I was not otherwise compensated for this review, and the opinions expressed are my own.]


  1. Looks like it would be easy to do... Glad you had such good luck with the company. I might have to try this.

  2. I remember where you easy canvas pic was taken. I think. Was it at my parent's event thing? Looks great! Love the whole look. :)

  3. Looooooove!!! I actually won a free Easy Canvas in the fall and redeemed it right before Christmas... it's SOO gorgeous, I'm obsessed.

    Le sigh. Want to come do my gallery wall?

  4. I've ordered from Easy Canvas Prints before and was extremely pleased with their product/service as well. Because of that, it seems that all I want now are prints on canvas.

  5. FABULOUS gallery wall. It's looks amazing! And love the photo you chose for the canvas!

  6. Your gallery wall is beyond gorgeous. Great job with it! I loveeeee canvases, I HAVE to get one of these sometime this year!

  7. Your gallery wall looks wonderful!!! But just in case it keeps growing or changing in the future...please take a look to my dictionary art prints (I think they might like you)
    You can find me here:https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElsieVonCraft and also here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elsie-Von-Craft/469111323202966
    Thank you! :-)

  8. Kelly. You seriously made my day. IDK if you saw my recent post asking what to do in my living room??? I am totally going to do this wall that you have... at some point. I will have to pin it to remember!

    Also, i have REALLY been needing a canvas print & have seen so many ads for canvas prints but wasn't sure how they would look! Thank you for the review!! Totally gonna use them now!

  9. It's easy to do it! Just upload your favorite photos to www.purecanvas.com, and you'll receive 35% off! I received my canvas quickly and am over the top HAPPY with the quality and price :))

  10. Nice review. We have always wanted to get attractive canvas prints in affordable rates. We were planning on getting into it later this summer and once we do, we will come back to reference your post as it is one of the best that we have seen on the topic! Keep up the great work!