Sunday, January 12, 2014


This weekend was a good one. 
There was fantastic food involved, squishy babies, road trips with the mother-in-law (and that's not sarcasm, I really did enjoy it :)), antiques, and some general health and wellness. 

Friday night I hung the gallery wall in the living room finally. Wee! I'm hoping to get photos printed and put in by tomorrow or Tuesday, and then photograph it, but there's a good possibility you just get photos with the stock-frame-photos still in some of the frames. 

Saturday morning M and I picked up brunch and headed over to his friend Ben & Marie's to see their squishy new baby, Jane. I got some baby snuggles and overall we reaffirmed our decision to wait a few years before hoppin' into THAT. Mostly I knew we weren't ready when I told M to get 3-6 month clothes for the gift at Target and he texted me Friday night ask if the "M" next to "3M" on the tag meant month. O_O. That guy. 

After brunch I scooted home for a few minutes and then headed out to a coffee blate with some of my favs (Jess, Syndal, and Lo in case ya'll are too lazy to click the link. ;-)).  We caught up for a few hours over lattes. 

Saturday night I got home and successfully tricked M into coming back to the Sonora Grill for dinner. I was just there Thursday for a law-school-girls reunion, but it was SO GOOD and I knew he had to experience it, too. They had some fantastic sangria and the EMPANADAS may change your life. 

For those of you locals: They have a booth in Midtown Global Market and recently expanded to a storefront on Lake and 33rd in Longfellow. Weekend evenings are BUSY, as evidenced by Saturday, but if you stop by during the week around 6, you should get a table quickly! 

Sunday was busy, busy, but fun. We met M's mom and her husband for breakfast at Perkins before my MIL and I set out to an antique shop an hour north. They're only open one week a month or so, and the last time we attempted to go was right after my dad's heart attack, so that got delayed. We headed back today and I was so impressed- they had a ton of stuff but CUTE and very on point antiques (as in, the stuff that's making a comeback). I got a little mason-jar-esque jar, for q-tips for the bathroom. I also got a gold mirrored tray for perfumes/jewelry and a ladder that I'm repurposing in a unique way.. you'll have to stay tuned to see those when I get around to finishing up the new master bedroom. Sorry!

When I got home we went grocery shopping, and we also went to check out Lifetime. 

Yes, Lifetime. I have officially sold my soul and I cannot be happier. I'm quitting L.A. Fitness this week (which has been suspended since, oh, APRIL of last year) and really excited to start working out more consistently. I was not happy at LA- from the gym itself that I went to, to what they offered, I'm really excited for this change. In fact I'm so serious about doing this, and doing it right (and going enough to get my $20 health insurance reimbursement so this thing doesn't totally bankrupt us. [JOKES]) that immediately after signing up I drove to DSW and bought some new Brooks running shoes. After there I drove to Target and got some running shorts, a new sports bra, and some athletic socks. It's a little bit of "walk the walk" definitely but it's got me browsing their website for 6:00 a.m. spin classes so it must be working! 

Good weekend overall! 

I have some ideas for posts so I hope to be back here more regularly, I just need to photograph some things for you guys. 


  1. I loved Lifetime! I can't wait to be able to go back their one day.

    Excited to see what things you create with your finds :)

  2. You had me at empanadas and sangria. Two of my favorites!!!

  3. I feel like you have so many projects in the works. Gallery wall! Re-purposed ladder! Workouts! Whew, I really need to get my act together.

  4. Eeek...I can't wait to start on my gallery wall in the basement. I need it to be nice enough to do some spray painting outside tho first. ;)

    I LOVED how you played along with the baby war on IG! :)

  5. Ah, what a great weekend! Where are the pics of the squishy baby?! :-) I used to belong to Lifetime and I really did enjoy it more than I liked LA Fitness... hopefully you'll feel the same about the switch!

  6. Sounds like a nice busy weekend! I am a fellow lifetime member - welcome! I swear the $20 reimbursement was my reason for talking myself into joining :) much better than LA!

  7. I loved Lifetime!!! :) But then I never went, and my bank account hated it so I quit! HAHA Hopefully you do better than I did!

  8. Biyatch you forgot me in your Blate!!! apparently Lo has enough personality for two people and I'm just forgettable.. ;)