Thursday, May 30, 2013


More often then I'd care to admit, I've found myself getting swept up in negative thinking this week. Whether it's complaining about work, how busy I feel like I am, family, friends, you name it.
In an effort to put some more good ju ju back in the universe, I just want to take a second to talk about how grateful I am.

I'm grateful for M's family. More specifically in this moment: for a mother in law who has been NOTHING but welcoming, supportive, and loving. Heck, she says "I love you" more than my own family, sometimes.

I'm grateful that I'm looking for a job as an attorney. Even though it's been a long, sometimes emotional, process... it means that I am an attorney. Something I worked so hard to get to be able to say. I'll get there, soon.

I'm grateful that even though I'm not acting as an attorney with a law firm, I'm able to do pro bono work.. even if I'm stressed out about it, and have my first hearing on Monday. It means I'm in a position to help someone who seems genuinely thankful for my help.

I'm grateful that I'm busy after work. It means that I have a lot of people who actually want to spend time with me. I'm grateful that this week it's been a mix of friends, family, and strangers (photography class..well, and Jess. :) )

I'm grateful that I'm in a position, financially, to be able to surprise my dad with this office redo. While I'm not quite sure how on earth I'm going to fit it all in, along with preparing for the hearing Monday (meep!), and some social commitments this weekend, I know that his reaction will totally be worth it. [Besides, I have all day Sunday, and Monday/Tuesday after work, too.]

And even though it's been cloudy, chilly, and muggy...and rarely just sunny and warm outside...I'm grateful it's done snowing. :-).

I'm grateful to come home every day, to a tiny little ball of fur who greets me with SUCH enthusiasm that my heart can't help but burst: he purrs SO. HARD. he squeaks, and sometimes coughs, and nuzzles the crap out of me. It's without a doubt one of the highlights of my day.


Tonight M's sisters and I are surprising his mom with a shopping trip (for her mother-of-the-groom dress) for her birthday, followed by dinner..where her husband, M, and M's sister's boyfriend will be joining us.


  1. Such a great post, Kelly! It's hard to find the positive in situations sometimes, but writing them all out like you did, sure helps. I love the comment about the's really crappy right now, BUUTTT, at least it's not snowing. HA! :)

  2. I loved this! A positive attitude goes such a long way :)

  3. there is usually good in everything, we just have to take the time to really think about what it is, its not always easy tho, when the darn negatives try and succeed in taking over!

    hope the surprise shopping trip and dinner turned out well too!

  4. I'm so behind on reading posts, but I love this, Kelly B.! Can't wait to see the final office redo. Photography class has been so fun. Thank you for convincing me! xo

  5. Just getting caught up. I love these types of posts. Thanks for sharing!